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Every boab tree is unique like every donor. They have character and personality as you would expect of such an ancient life-form like the boab. Some individual trees are 1,500 years old which makes them the oldest living beings in Australia, and puts them amongst the oldest in the world.

The boab tree for Aboriginal people in the north of Australia have been providers for centuries giving shelter, providing food, water and medicine. Every part of the boab tree was important no matter what size, from the seeds, the nuts through to the roots.

From a little seed would grow this majestic tree full of hope, soul and power for Aboriginal people from which life, health and ceremony would come. FISH sees the significance of every single donation, no matter how small or large, to be as important as the single boab seed from which abundant things can grow.

Join with us on this great adventure by supporting the work of FISH and from your support and partnership with us we can achieve great things together that will make a positive lasting and sustainable difference in the lives of Aboriginal people.

Gifts of more than $2 are tax deductible in Australia.