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FISH has a creative arm which supports Aboriginal artists to be able to display and sell their work to assist with their economic sustainability, rebuild their communities and to share Indigenous culture and stories. 

To assist in achieving FISH's mission of breaking the generational cycles of Aboriginal people being engaged in the justice system, the FISH team work in the justice area to support Aboriginal people. 

Art is one of the great therapy tools we work with.

FISH provides mentoring in conjunction with the art creation.  Art provides 'grounding' to participants, and for Aboriginal people allow them to connect with the spirit and the land and show the importance of caring for country.


If there is an artist or style that you like our artists would be happy to do a piece specially painted for you.  Just contact us at and we'll contact you to discuss your requirements.

Certificate of Authenticity

With every original painting we provide a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health Limited, story of the painting, biography of the artist, location and photo.