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I am a proud Guringai woman and contemporary Aboriginal artist who resides in the Hunter Valley. I grew up in Western Sydney and my mob originates from the Hawkesbury region.

Connected to mob through our Elders and other family members and wish to pay my respects to Laurie Bimson (whom I refer to as an Uncle) who has worked so hard and is committed to bringing culture back for our mob.

I would like to thank our ancestors for their guidance. I know when I am on country. The feeling is like nothing else and it is sacred to me.

I’ve lived and worked in the Hunter region for 30 years loved working with Elders and other courageous aboriginal people, many whom are now trusted brothers and sisters.

For me, painting is a way for us to have culture front and foremost, to educate non Aboriginal people about what drives us, what can nourish us and how to find synergy with nature. It’s also a chance to tell history in a relatable way.

We are all caretakers of this land and I believe our art is a very uniting thing.

I cannot really say what makes me pick up a brush, other than it is something that I am driven to do. In the past I have painted animals – mainly dogs and horses and dabbled in mosaic – mostly birds.

Over the years I have painted in a cultural way but was not quite confident in this space. I guess it is a case of we never stop learning, so jump in, paint and be proud.