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To assist in achieving FISH's mission of breaking the generational cycles of Aboriginal people being engaged in the justice system, the team work in the justice area to support Aboriginal people.

Art is one of the great therapy tools they work with and part of the process is to provide the mentoring that is run in conjunction to the art as they discuss with people the benefits of using art to ground them, as a form of, what 'white fella's' call, meditation, but Aboriginal people call it connecting with the spirit.

Their skill with art is also refined while in the justice system and some of artists on leaving prison may follow art as a career.

The art is produced and sol with 50% supporting FISH's Justice Initiatives and 50% being put into trust so that when the artist leaves prison those funds are used in their rehabilitation on process and re-establishing them successfully back into community.  

The Artists come from throughout Western Australia and are not noted on the artwork as they are currently engaged in the justice system.