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My name is Claude Carter and I was born Derby and grew up in Halls Creek. My father was Terry Carter and he was born at Mulla Bulla Mission and was one of the stolen generation. On my father’s side I am Gooniyandi and my mother was also stolen generation and we are tracking her heritage.

Claude has been painting professionally since 2005. His wife Andrea Pindan, also an artist, introduced Claude to the artform and taught him about mixing colours. Both Andrea and Claude have a strong graphic quality to their work. Claude paints with ochre collected from his country.

Claude also makes artefacts and burns his stories into them. Claude often talks about Aboriginal concepts in kartiya [European] terms and refers to his culture and painting in a way that we can make sense and feel. Painting helps Claude to think about his country and the places he paints. He feels the land and culture through his dreaming, heart and soul.

Claude resides in a small community called Bawoorrooga approximately 100kms East of Fitzroy Crossing. He set up his community in 2000 without assistance from Government agencies and Land Councils. Initially, Claude sought approval from his elders and then continued with the support of his family.

In the early years, the community worked hard carting water and many people thought they would never make it on their own. Since those days, they have gained assistance which has enabled community development including: installation of solar power, a bore, water tank, individual camps and the acquisition of a large raised donga with a verandah and roof.

Claude continues to work hard for the development of his community. Claude and Andrea have four children of their own, are raising another three children and grandchildren. Claude’s paintings have been exhibited in Kununurra, Melbourne, Darwin, Singapore and London.