Linda Lee Loo (nee Jackson)

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Linda Lee Loo (nee Jackson)

I am a Noongar woman born in Corrigin and am connected to the Balladong/Whadjuk clans of Noongar Nation. 

The Noongar Nation is located in the Southwest of Western Australia, Australia.

My father gave me permission to paint how I paint. 

My style of art is contemporary based on my life experiences and Aboriginal icons. 

My father, Daniel Jackson Senior, was originally from Pingelly and my mother Rhonda Jackson (nee Smith) from Kalgoorlie. 

I am a self-taught artist and began painting at the age of 37, as part of a journey to self-healing. 

All paintings are significant to me as they represent my family, connection to land, culture and childhood from growing up in the Kalgoorlie area (Golden Ridge and Zanthus) before moving to Perth.  

Perth has given me a sense of belonging, reconnecting me back to my traditional country. 

Growing up in the bush and having a sense of country is important to my life.

I am happiest when I spend time with my family.

Painting gives me a sense of spiritual connection and family wellbeing.