FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

The Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health (FISH) needs your support! We don’t rely upon government funding as this doesn’t always meet the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people and their communities. However it is expensive and hard work making a start and building a sustainable social enterprise.

FISH is committed to positive long term sustainable change for Aboriginal people. We don’t just talk about it.

FISH is an organisation where Aboriginal people direct, lead, and work in partnership with non-Aboriginal people and together build on each other’s skills, knowledge and passion.

Acknowledging Aboriginal people have a living spiritual, cultural, familial and social connection with country, FISH seeks to bring healing to the spirit, heart, mind, body and land to help create healthy people and communities.

We bring about sustainable health through community-based programmes providing learning experiences in life skills, personal development, education, training, employment and creative initiatives. We are continuing to work to address the housing crisis and assist Aboriginal people break the cycle of generational poverty through our home ownership initiative.

We are focused on giving a hand up, not a hand out and the FISH acronym fits with the old proverb as we believe that:

“When you give someone a fish you only feed them for a day but if you teach someone to fish you feed them for a lifetime.”

As you join with us you will be working to bring about positive long term sustainable change in the lives of Aboriginal people, their families, the community and Australia.