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James can fly, though his landings need some work. However, that’s the least of his problems when he crash lands into a city in the clouds. Soon James is drawn into a race against time to find the SAFFIRE, a new technology designed to save the city from the effects of climate change.

Finding his way home seems impossible but with the help of Aureole, a young girl determined to save her city, James just might be able to fly away and help save the city in the process.

Praise for Wraith

"Wraith was so impossible to put down and beautifully written. It is completely unique, something I have never read of before, each fantastic new idea plunging you deeper into a great adventure!"

Sofia, Age 14, Kingsgrove NSW
Good Reading

"... a highly entertaining, uniquely Australian superhero story packed with plot twists, exciting technology, witty banter and villains that are equal parts comic and dangerous."

Leanne Hall