Water Song


Polly Wilson

I have created this painting to emphasise the importance of caring for water and the environmental impact that we could potentially create. In my painting, I have made two main parts; 

The Rainbow Serpent & The Murrumbidgee River 

 The Rainbow Serpent is a major part of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories that teach us how the country has been formed. The Rainbow Serpent is also known as the mother of life and the creator of our waterways. The shape of the river is followed by the curves of this colourful snake. 

The Murrumbidgee River is the local river located on Wiradjuri Country (Wagga Wagga). 

I have represented this by mirroring the shape of the river. 

The row of circles between the two represents the community, many races and cultures that utilise this beautiful river. The beautiful colours are my way of expressing the vibrancy of life that water gives us and the many activities we can be involved with, both in and around water.

The handprints represent both us and the next generation leaving their prints and caring for the water. Using this precious resource wisely is important so that we can ensure a better life for all living being. Without it, there is no life, no vibrancy and no future for our kids.