Thudarndyie Thardarr Lulllaryie (Two Dogs Dreaming)


Jack Jnr Macale Loodgebuddunge

As I was growing up, I thought that the dogs were from the Bunuba people, when I got older, I started to understand the stories from my old people.

Not only did I realised we are connected to the neighbouring tribes, but to tribes that are a distance away from us. The rightful owners of the Two dogs are from the Cape York area in Queensland.

My grandfather told me how the two dogs had a lot to do with not only creating our sacred site on Bunuba country, but how important it is to protect these sites. Also, how important, and sacred these sites came to be.

Now even though they came from the east, the tribes from that area have their own dreamtime stories for their areas. This is my story from my Bunuba side. Some of these main sites that I will mention were important to my people of the Bunuba and neighbouring tribes close by. 

These are the places, Djowi (Top brooking) Gululu (Y Spirng), Junjuwa, Marrala Marrala. A few of these places I mentioned have strong significance.  Not only with our story telling but also protecting our sites.    

The Two Dogs names are Julluk-beer and Maarrdahn.