The Future Ancestors


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

An empowering book to help readers connect with Mother Earth and their ancestors through insightful practices, inspiring stories, and healing wisdom.

Connect with Mother Earth and your ancestors, experience healing and Oneness, and journey to create a new, better world for the future

We are all Future Ancestors, and we have a responsibility to nurture and protect our Mother Earth. Through inspiring stories and practical teachings, Aboriginal Bush woman of the Mutti Mutti tribe Annabelle Sharman will guide you to embark on a healing journey back home to your true spirit so that you can find grace, honor, and peace.
Annabelle reveals the healing practice of YUMA - originating from a Mutti Mutti language word meaning BE - which will help you find oneness in your life. YUMA empowers you to become your own healer and be the medicine in your personal healing, wellness, and dreaming Journey. You will discover:

   how to live in honor of the earth and feel grounded every single day
   what Sacred Space is and how you can feel safe and protected in positive ways
   insightful stories and teachings that will connect you to your ancestors
   how to dream into a new way of being, becoming, and living the Future Ancestor
You will also read about how Annabelle became her own healer, and how you can do this too. This is a book for those who feel they are missing something in life and need to feel a deep connection. Through Annabelle's wisdom, you'll learn that you're not lost, just returning. Feel guided to unearth your true self and purpose, live each day in alignment, and begin the journey home to take your place as a Future Ancestor.