Pepper Berry (Dried, Whole) (30g)


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

Pepperberries are dark bluey-black in colour and have a 5 – 8mm diameter knobbly round shape, with a ridge around the centre. They have a mild, fruity pepper flavour and are fantastic in sweet and savoury dishes.They have a totally unique, spicy and “bitey” flavour that cannot be replicated by any other spice.

Pepperberry is stronger when dried, has a pleasing woody fragrance with vague pepper and dry, cinnamon-like notes.

When dried and powdered, the pepperberry may be used in the same way as ground black or white pepper. Because the flavour is relatively sharp and intense, I would recommend adding less than half the amount then increasing the quantity to suit your own taste. 

Pepperberry goes well with other Australian native herbs and spices such as lemon myrtle, wattleseed and bush tomato.

Keep your Pepperberries in airtight packaging or closed glass jar or they will absorb moisture from the air.

They are fantastic for seasoning anything from fish and chips to chicken and roast vegetables. They are great for adding depth and complexity to sauces and meat dishes.

All native foods are stored in airtight, food grade safe packaging. Environmentally friendly packagingand we encourage recycling.