Native Lemon Grass (Dried) (30g)


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

 Not to be mistaken with the thick Asian lemongrasses that are found in supermarkets, native lemon grass grows around drier parts of the country. It can be located by their green tuffs at the ends of their thin stalks and when crushed, conveys a beautiful citrus-y scent.

 The stalks are sturdy grass with fluffy tops and are a very pale straw-like colour. Aside from being excellent bush medicine in the treatment of things like colds and headaches, it has a beautiful lemon sherbet flavour. We use it as a herbal Tea, but it is can be used in broths, to stuff meat or infused into all kinds of sweet treats. 

Research has determined the herb to have headache and migraine relieving properties, claiming it can cure in the same way aspirin does. You can create a relaxing and delicious tea blend when you infuse with ginger, honey or even lemon to your Native Lemon Grass Tea.

The leaves, stems and roots of native lemon grasses (Cymbopogon ambiguus A. Camus) can be infused with hot water and drunk to treat diarrhoea, and coughs, sore throats and colds. It can also be applied to the skin for treatment of rashes and sores, and a root poultice mixture can be applied to ears for earaches.

All native foods are stored in airtight, food grade safe packaging. Environmentally friendly packaging and we encourage recycling.