Mixed Feelings Book 1


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

This first book in a series introduces the main character, Pam, as she struggles with the anxieties of fitting in at school. This story is set in Alice Springs / Mparntwe where Pam lives with her Uncle, Graham. Graham struggles to support his niece to survive the 'sticks and stones' of being 'at odds' with the world. Pam gets caught-up in the wrong crowd which leads her into a downward spiral. The story continues in book two.

About the Author 

Declan Miller was born and raised in Alice Springs. His family didn't like to travel much so he decided to visit different cultures so that he could understand their stories. These experiences helped him to write his stories. He wrote Mixed Feelings to show the diversity of stories that make up the small town of Alice Springs. His family is from Arrernte and Anmatyerre Lands. Declan is the driving force behind Stick Mob creative. He established the group while still at school and since finishing school has been working on other graphic novels and short stories and mentoring other students. In January 2021, Declan was named Centralian Young Citizen of the Year.