Mardang Waakari-ak


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This book contains six Wadjak stories composed by Theresa Walley and illustrated by herself, her daughter Cheryl Martin and granddaughter Biara Martin.
Yok Waakarl wer Yondok – Rainbow Serpent and Crocodile, tells of the creation of the rivers, lakes and waterholes is Wadjak country. It is a story of romance and courage as the mother Rainbow Serpent fights the crocodile from the north to protect Noongar Country. Many Noongar place names are included in this story as we travel with the Waakarl on her journey through Wadjak country.
JOONDIA JILI JILI was a beautiful woman who tried to protect children from the evil magic man. Joondia Jili Jili threw the children into the sky to protect them and they transformed into the beautiful milky-way.
Noompat wer Karda – The Numbat and The Racehorse Goanna were two friends; well that was before they wanted to dress-up and show off their teenage colours. This story teaches us about friendship, loyalty and those that have true talent.
Pinjarra Waakarl is the protector of children and carer of Noongar people in the Murray River district, however this Waakarl is not so kind to those who want to disturb the tranquility and harmony of the Murray.
Danakat is the tragic story of how seven sisters lost their lives while searching for their father. The story tells of a family’s love and devotion to each other and how they stayed together for eternity.
Koodjal Nop is a tale of what can happen when disobedient boys don’t obey their elders.

About the Author
Theresa Whalley


Theresa Walley, Cheryl Martin, Biara Martin, Karl Brand

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Audio Artist: Coleen Sherratt

Audio Recording: Coleen Sherratt

Audio editing:  Jacinda Brown

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Pages 36