Jack Jnr Macale Loodgebuddunge

This is one of the sites that is very important to Bunuba people.  Everyone knows about Jandamarra, the resistence fighter, who started a battle with the early settlers back in the 1890's. 

This particular place was very very important to the Bunuba mens. This was a place where unitiated men were not allowed to go and not a place for the white man.  

There's an old ruin in Fitzroy Crossing near Winjana Gorge.  That old ruin was a farm when the settlers first came to Fitzroy Crossing.  After a while the settlers realised the sheep couldn't survive in this area because of the heat and the prickle grass was not good food.

The old outpost was named after the spring, which is 600m from the actual spot where the ruins are.  It was significant place strong with mens business. 

Story goes that one of the settlers who had their first farm in the area had a son.  One day the son went to Limilulura Springs.  He swam there and returned home.  One day later the son became ill with fever.  Three days later he died.  

Binuba people knew what had happened.  He went to the spring and his soul was taken from the snake Immintji Unngud that lives there.

This is that snake.