Noongar Seasons #2


Linda Loo

Noongar Seasons are the connection to our land and culture, the seasons indicate what is happening and changing around us and provides time for travel reconnecting to celebrate on country. With each season we travel and always return home safely.

The U shape represent our elders, our leaders at the beginning of each new season.

The Yonga (kangaroo) represents strength, the fish, swan and turtle represent healthy life the water and kangaroo paw represent Noongar Season Djilba the flowers start to bloom and a season of good luck.

Noongar Seasons –

Birak - December - January Dry and Hot Mosaic burning time Season of the Young

Bunuru - February - March Hottest part of the Year Coastal Living and fishing time Season of adolescence

Djeran - April - May Cooler weather begins ant season and time to repair housing Season of adulthood

Makuru - June - July Coldest and wettest season of the year time to move inland Season of Fertility

Djilba _ August - September first spring Mixture of wet days with increasing number of clear, cold nights and pleasant warm days transitional time of the year, flowers start to bloom Season of conception

Kambarang - October - November second spring flowers abound Longer dry periods Season of birth