Jack of Hearts: QX11594


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Born an only child in North Queensland, Jack Huggins had an idyllic childhood in Ayr, where his family somehow escaped the harsh Queensland government treatment of  First Nations’ peoples. His father was in the army in World War I and Jack followed in his footsteps into World War II. He was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and spent much of the war on the notorious Burma-Thailand railway.

The narrative and personal reflections give insight into love, loss and the need to understand one man’s journey, as seen through the eyes of his children seeking to learn more. It is an affectionate portrait and a moving account of courage in wartime which helps a reader understand the sacrifices made by our soldiers.

About the Author

Jackie Huggins is an academic and writer from the Bidjara/Birri Gubba Juru nations. Born in Ayr, North Queensland, she grew up in a close-knit family in Brisbane nurtured by her strong mother Rita. Jackie has worked in academia, government and community spheres. She has published widely on Aboriginal issues and has served on numerous boards and inquiries such as Reconciliation, National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples and Treaty Queensland. An advocate of combining oral and written history, Jackie’s passion has been to document our stories.

Ngaire Jarro is from the Bidjara/Birri Gubba Juru nations. She lives at The Gap, Brisbane with her husband Rodney. She is the proud mother of three boys and two grandchildren. As a mature-age student, Ngaire graduated with a double degree in Early Childhood Education. Ngaire has been a teacher for 26 years, teaching students from Prep to Year 6. Ngaire enjoys teaching and loves sharing her Aboriginality with students. She believes that sharing culture and stories in the early years of schooling will not only educate future generations but provide a more inclusive society for all. This is her first co-written book.