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Family is a thoughtful contemplation for all to learn the different ways that family makes us whole.

This beautifully illustrated children’s picture book shows everyone that ‘family’ can be about heart and home; an endless sky; stories and songs.

It ‘learns’ us how to be with each other and with Country. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and this remarkably simple story teaches us all, that family can be many things.

This is the second book from the Our Place series, that introduces young minds to First Nations’ cultural philosophies that Aunty Fay Muir, a Boonwurrung Elder, holds close to her heart.

About the Author 

Fay Stewart-Muir Fay Stewart-Muir is a Boonwurrung Elder who cares about sharing her culture and stories with all, to enjoy and take on a journey of learning.

Sue Lawson’s award-winning young adult and children’s books are recognised for the sensitive way they explore the exciting and heartbreaking complexities of growing up. Her first book with Aunty Fay is Nganga: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Words and Phrases.

Lisa Kennedy is a descendant of the coastal Pairebeenne/Trawlwoolway clan in North East Tasmania. She has always carried a deep love of Sea and Country and has been blessed to work alongside Aunty Patsy on Sea Country. Lisa finds her most meaningful work is to collaborate with Elders to visually express the often hidden voices of Ancestors and Country in a way that is accessible to many.

About the Book 

Hard Cover

Pages 32