Dordenaap Boodja Wongki


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

The fifteen stories in this collection were unearthed from the Battye Library achieves and are a unique compilation of legends from Bibulmun and Wardandi Noongar country documented by Debra Buller-Murphy. Buller-Murphy’s uncle, Alfred John Bussell who had also prepared a Dordenup Wongie manuscript of the dialect, compiled the word lists and examples of sentence in Buller-Murphy’s manuscript. 
It is with the authority and permission of Barbara Councillor that the Dordenap stories from Buller-Murphy’s manuscripts have been translated. Many of the stories in the manuscript are well known by Wardandi people and have been told and passed on through the generations.
This unique work is published in the Noongar Dordenap dialect. The stories include true love stories, creation stories, stories of evil men conquered by great magic men and the story of the great shaking that changed the face of Noongar country. The book was published with permission from Barbara Councillor as senior custodian of this country.