Deadly D & Justice Jones: Making the Team - Book 1


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

WINNER – 2013 black&write! kuril dhagun Indigenous Writing Fellowship

WINNER – 2014 Speech Pathology Australia Indigenous Children's Book of the Year

Eleven-year-old Dylan has to move from Mt Isa to Brisbane and he’s not happy. But as soon as he gets to Flatwater State School he finds a former Mount Isa Miner’s footy supporter in his principal and a ‘Broncos tragic’ as a teacher.

He also makes a friend in Justice Jones and an enemy in Jared Knutz. Dylan is cursed with an abnormality transforming him into a fully-grown man whenever he gets angry.

Always a worry, the ‘curse’ proves to be a blessing in the city when his alter ego attracts the interest of the Broncos during a class excursion to watch the team train.

Dylan becomes ‘Deadly D’ – a star player with the fire to rival even the great Prince! But how will he continue to keep the ‘curse’ a secret?

About the Authors

Scott Prince & Dave Hartley

About the Book


128 Pages

1st book in the series