Bush and Beyond: Stories from Country


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Grandparents are special, and the time you spend with them is special, too. This collection draws together four tales for younger readers from the Waarda series of Indigenous stories, first edited by acclaimed author Sally Morgan. These charming tales share some exciting, happy and even scary times exploring country in bush and beyond.


'Four delightful stories from the Waarda series are presented together in one book.' West Australian

 'It is for those who enjoy stories set in the Australian bush and I learnt some Aboriginal terms when I read it. Overall it was an interesting and fun book.' Daniel, age 10

'Filled with fun and adventure...' At the Table

'These beautifully narrated and uniquely Western Australian stories have universal appeal. Genuine and heartfelt, they represent an opportunity to hear from voices not often heard ... Brimming with humour and charm...' Writing WA

'A deep affection and appreciation of nature is at the heart of the ... new children’s book, Bush and Beyond.' Hills Gazette 

About the Authors

Jaylon Tucker, Cheryl Kickett-Tucker, Jessica Lister and Tjalaminu Mia

About the Book 


Pages 136