From Country with Love


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

Spoken through Rhys Paddick and Emma Gibbens,walks readers into a world where connection flourishes. The book explores our connection to Country (land, nature, mother earth) and to each other. While the concepts are simple on first reading, their depth is demonstrated after contemplation and observation. Universal truths are all around us, and the more we look the more we see.

Radiant with warmth and joy, From Country with Love encourages us all to see and connect with the world around us. Inspiring action, the hope is this book brings people and Country closer together. From this action springs a deep feeling that moves us all into a shared heart space. That’s where true reconciliation and inclusion starts.

Illustrated by Rhys Paddick, the artwork demonstrates these universal concepts poignantly and playfully. From Country with Love is a work of art and a window into the heart.

Soft Cover

Limited Edition Hard Cover gorgeous black cover with gold foil finish (exclusive to FISH)