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FISH is the charity for the amazing local business Furious Bee Honey Co.

A portion of the sale of all Furious Bee Honey Co products is donated back to FISH.

Furious Bee Honey Co is the creation of three Bee loving Boxers, that have spent a lifetime in the Gym together and are now fighting harder than ever for the biggest cause of all... Mother Nature.

The plight of the Bee is real. We’re passionate about helping them out, that’s why we do everything ourselves from breeding the Queen to labelling our jars. Anything to make the girls less Furious!

The end result being clean, raw, unrefined & unprocessed honey... made with integrity.

Furious Bee Honey Co want to share their boxing and beekeeping journey with the community and teach people how to reconnect with nature and move towards a sustainable lifestyle.

We like to call it the art of Beeing!

It’ll hook you, 100%