Thudarndyie Blaayngyie Lulllaryie - (Two Snake Dreaming)


Jack Jnr Macale Loodgebuddunge

This story was told to me by my grandfather who was a senior Bunuba Elder, he was a lore man and a tribal man. He was recognised throughout the Kimberleys.  He told me how these snakes were told to him by the Bunuba little people, which we call the Rayi.  

They told him in a dream or a vision when he was a very young man, they came to him and took him all over Bunuba country and spoke to him about the sites that are significant and important to our people.

One of the snakes is called Ellimbre Unngud and the other is called Imintji Unngud. One of the Snakes travelled from Imintji, from the east of Bunuba country and the other came from Ellimbre also the east.

They travelled towards the west, along the way they created some of those sites, curving the landscape and leaving evidence where the sacred sites are. Today they lay in the West and they represent the two ranges right in the heart of Bunuba Country.

One range is called Napier Range and the other is called Oscar Range. After the creation was done and the little people showed my grandfather he woke up and he recorded a lot of things in a ceremonial song we still sing today Ellimbre Junba, most Bunuba people know this story.