Brown Snake (Artists Totem)


Jack Jnr Macale Loodgebuddunge

My Grandma was my first teacher who taught me how to respect the land n people around us and how we become part of nature and how strongly we are connected.

Grandma told me how we are given a Jardinge (totem) before we come into this world, we don’t choose the particular animal, but the animal chooses us when we are growing day by day in our mother’s womb. 

It’s normally the Uncle’s or Auntie’s that find the animal which is acting strangely hanging or hovering around the house or camping ground out bush it indicates that Mum and Dad didn’t tell anyone the news about their new addition to the family.

Sometimes the father will put on weight if the baby is a girl or if the father loses his weight that normally tells the family the new parent to be is having a boy.

My totem came from a place called Munjaye, 120km North-West of Fitzroy Crossing not far from a place called Nookanbah.  Mum n Dad worked at a place called Calyn yard Homestead or station in the late 70’s which was 20km off the Great Northern Highway heading towards Nookanbah way.

One day Mum, Dad and Aunties decided to go Munjaye for a day out and thus place is a significant site which has its own stories from the Dreamtime (Lulunyni).  It also holds water all year round.

After they have gotten there and made the fire to make tea it was time to eat lunch and relax.  Suddenly my Auntie yelled out to my parents and said there is a snake coming towards yous.  Mum n Dad quickly got up and before Dad could hit the Snake it had already gone inside the hole where it lives.  Before it went in my Auntie hit it with a rock and hit it below the nose because she could see the blood coming out.

They stayed around until the sun was setting then it was time to pack up and head back to the Homestead.

9 months later I was born along side my twin brother Terrence. 

My Auntie saw a mark below my nose when I was a newborn.  She laughed and chuckled and told my Mum that I was the reason the King Brown Snake came around at this place called Munjaye to find it’s spiritual connection which was me.

This country also belongs to neighbouring tribes like Mangala, Nikina, Bunuba and Walmajarri people as well. That’s how some totems are connected.