Native Sea Parsley (Dried) (30g)


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

Native Sea Parsley is a coastal species that may be used as a flavoursome herb or vegetable. Resembling young celery shoots in appearance and texture, this bush tucker is an interesting native substitute for European parsley/celery. It is the connection to the seafront, where it grows in composted sea weed and sand, that gives it its special flavour.

Sea Parsley is a delicious herb that has a wonderful aroma and a unique flavour that compares to a variety of celery, Italian parsley, and seaweed. It has an intense peppery/ celery edge.

Sea parsley is very similar to regular parsley but it has a salty element to it. Can be used in many cooking dishes This herb is useful as a garnish in soups, dressings, flavoured butter, quiche, used with seafood , stir fry dishes and in white sauces.

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