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My Name is Paige Pryor, I am a Proud Whadjuk Nyungar Yorga (Women).

Living in Perth, region, I am a Mother of three beautiful Koolungkas and the business owner and founder of NGALANGMOORT.

My ancestors and Moort (family) connections to Ballardong, Gnaala Karla Boodja, South West Boojarah, Wagyl Kaip Southern region.

I am an Aboriginal contemporary Artist and Fashion Designer producing products and painting on canvas, digital illustrations, indoor and outdoor pot plants, cutting boards and cheese boards and other home decor.

My fashion label, which I have been designing urban street wear/lounge wear clothing, will showcase and pass knowledge down about Nyungar culture, starting off with the six seasons, showcasing the colours, animals, flora and fauna of the seasons and then printing artwork on fabric.

I connected back to my culture and started painting to help me manage my mental health and medical injury/illness that I had sustained in a motor vehicle accident back in 2019.

I have found my true identity and my belonging to country through my culture. My biggest purpose is to pass and showcase my Nyungar culture and teach the younger generation our culture so it survives for generations to come.