Saltbush Flakes (Dried, Ground) (30g)


FISH - Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health

This grey-blue bush may look like common shrubbery, but saltbush is actually one of Australia’s best herbs. The edible plant, which is salty and herby in flavour, is an underutilised native food - especially given how versatile it is.

The round silvery-green toothed-edge leaves can be added fresh to salads, stir-fry and meat marinades, or dried and used as seasonings. Wonderful addition to bread, grills and pasta, as a crust on meat and vegetables. Can be used as a direct substitute for salt.

Dried ground leaves of the Saltbush, picked fresh, dehydrated to capture the salty herb flavour and ground ready for you to use.

Australian Native saltbush which may be used as a salt substitute has 20% less sodium than table salt.
Salt Bush is high in Protein (28%). This makes it an ideal ingredient for Vegetarians and Vegans.

All native foods are stored in airtight, food grade safe packaging. Environmentally friendly packagingand we encourage recycling.